Passenger rail Tenders Still, Bekasi Station Paralyzed

Until 11:45 , the conditions in Bekasi Station is still paralyzed . Passengers are still blocking the railway line so that no incoming or outgoing .

Passengers Commuterline majors Jakarta - Bekasi City Station train hold outside of Java will be leaving in lane 4 . When the train drivers have already started the engine , dozens of passengers went down and sat on the rail to be crossed by the train outside of Java .

" Let them feel what we feel every day . Stuck and the train is always late because train Java . This time we cover the train was to leave , " said one passenger KRL , Ridho , Bekasi Station , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Java is not only hindered by train passengers . Trains Commuterline majors Jakarta - City that currently exists in Bekasi Station Line 3 is also forbidden to leave . Currently , there are no train activity that occur in Bekasi Station . No train is entering the station and arrived in Bekasi Station .

According Ridho , detention is also made ​​to wait for the PT KAI Edi Suryanto who was on his way Bekasi Station . Edi Suryanto awaited by the passengers who demanded to discuss with KAI . Before Eddie arrived , KRL passengers refused to give up the whole train to go off track .

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Previously reported , KRL passengers jursan Jakarta - City to rally to the Station Supervisor . This is done as a form of pique they will train often too late . This demo takes place from Thursday morning .


Chaotic regrets Hasyim PPP

Former Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) , KH Hasyim , deplored the chaotic body in the United Development Party ( PPP ), which occurred just before the national leadership succession .

" In fact , I dreamed of the Islamic -based parties can unite in the upcoming presidential election . Wish PKB , PPP , and MCC could carry his own vice - presidential partner . , But , in reality there are still many problems , " he said in Jakarta on Tuesday .

As a person who had been active in the PPP , namely the period 1973-1986 , suggesting politician Hashim party bearing the Kaaba restraint and resolve internal problems after the presidential election is over .

" If it’s going ’ cold ’ with macro interests outside the PPP . Fact , the ’ Islamophobia ’ is also going to laugh , " he said .
Hashim added every crisis in political parties or political practice is always vulnerable to money and transactional politics .

" It could destroy the PPP itself in the long run , even if its leaders took turns , " he said .

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Crisis in the PPP triggered discontent over the outcome of the party committee in the legislative election . PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali is regarded as the cause of the failure of the PPP to reach the target set Yag , because it is present and participated in the campaign speeches Gerindra at the Bung Karno ( GBK ) .


While Mozilla Announces CEO Brendan Eich Substitute

Enterprise software maker Internet browser , Mozilla has finally announced his new boss . Mozilla Chris Beard has been appointed as the interim CEO who will lead the company .

Name of Beard as interim CEO of Mozilla officially announced by the company on Monday, April 14, 2014 local time . Beard himself was not the stranger in the Mozilla environment .

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Quoted Tekno team Mashable , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) , Beard worked at Mozilla since from 2004 until mid-2013 . He had led the product management team to finally fill the position of chief marketing officer ( CMO ) in the period the .

Mozilla CEO of an election only a week later than the resignation of the previous Brendan Eich became captain in company headquartered in Mountain View , California .

Brendan resign because of criticism emerging from within and outside the company . The criticism came as Eich support the anti - same-sex marriage in California to be one of the major donors .

Mozilla claimed not to intervene or encourage Eich to come down from the post of CEO at Mozilla . It simply calls the browser makers , Eich resignation is a voluntary personal decision taken.


Kaskus Security Patch Bleed Heart Attack let-Free

Kaskus in the list of Internet services that are vulnerable to cyber attacks Heartbleed, potentially stealing user passwords and personal information. Kaskus claims to have patched the security hole in order to be free from attack Heartbleed services.

Founder and Chief Community Officer of Kaskus, Andrew Dervish said he did repairs after receiving a report from a team of programmers and users that there is a security hole on its website Heartbleed Kaskus protocol that utilizes OpenSSL to encrypt user data.

On 10 April 2014, Kaskus user with account “minimiza,” send an email to Kaskus to prove how with the help of a script that is not responsible to hijack or steal other user accounts Kaskus.

"Account ‘minimiza’ was reported so we immediately patch. Heartbleed It also bugs and we have SSL patch and Kasksus is secure. We thank the ‘minimiza’ who cares about Kaskus Kaskus and millions of other users of Heartbleed attack," said Andrew when contacted KompasTekno.

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Nevertheless, he still appealed Kaskus users and users of other Internet services to change the password (password) for a service account. Because, according to Andrew, this bug Heartbleed global nature and all the web sites that utilize OpenSSL will be vulnerable to security holes.
Findings Heartbleed

Heartbleed found after a team of computer security researchers at the University of Michigan, U.S., using an open source network scanner called ZMap. ZMap developed at the University of Michigan by Assistant Professor J Alex Halderman and graduate students of computer science, Zakir Durumeric and Eric Wusterow.
Zmap useful for searching the Internet servers are susceptible to Heartbleed potentially be used to steal usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other important information.

By exploiting loopholes Heartbleed on OpenSSL, hackers can steal information, although a website or service providers already do encryption (marked with a “padlock” and the prefix “https:” in the URL).
This security hole discovered in OpenSSL, an open-source security protocol used to encrypt sensitive information via the function of SSL (secure sockets layer) in many Internet-based services.

Heartbleed impact on all web sites and services that are running OpenSSL 1.0.1 to version 1.01F. Versions of OpenSSL are vulnerable are already widely used since May 2012.

That is, for two years, this gap has been circulating undetected in all the service providers that use OpenSSL encryption, ranging from applications, web site internet, to banking institutions.

The problem becomes large because OpenSSL is used by 66 percent of all Internet web parts to encrypt the data so that the security hole was widespread.
Most of the affected service name Heartbleed can be seen in a list created on 8 April 2014. Since the list was published, some service providers, such as Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Tumblr, and Dropbox, has distributed a patch to patch the vulnerabilities that exist.


Search narrowed zone MH370

PERTH - Officials Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight searches from Australia has divided the two smaller sections of the plane search zone .

This narrowed the search for sonobuoy previously been detected where the possibility of the last days of the black box signals can be detected . Similarly, as reported by The Guardian , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

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Zone search missing plane , believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean and killed all passengers . The search locations were at approximately 57,506 kilometers ( km ) square .

However, a smaller search area using sonobuoys to detect the plane’s black box signals have been halved to 48 km from 600 sq km to 340 sq km on Sunday.

Black box signals usually can last approximately 30 days , and the search is now closer to 40 sq. km. Local officials still insist that they can pick up the signal further , after the discovery of four signals at the beginning of last week and the other two separate signals by ships Ocean Shield .

A fifth signal was also detected later in the span of a week , but on further analysis is not submitted that the signals coming from the black box .


Balinese songket reaching international markets

FABRIC Balinese songket weaving also became one of the SMEs are also fostered by PT Garuda Indonesia . Since three years held the trained partners , Garuda Indonesia is concerned with SMEs located in areas with the product itself that is the result of hand-made .

Balinese songket cloth itself may not have been widely known , but it can be extended to these products to the international market . ” Bali has diverse creativity , one of which is the making of this Balinese songket weaving , ” said Ketut Bangs , songket weaving artisans of Bali on Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair event at the Jakarta Convention Center on Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .

He said, with UKMnya cooperate with Garuda Indonesia, the products can be known abroad and not a few orders coming from there .

" I think it should already be well-known Balinese songket to foreign countries . Formerly, known as the island of Bali just a nice , charming dance , unique culture , Bali is now also to be known as songket tenunnya beautiful , " he said proudly .

For three years the partners of this program , recognized Ketut bangs , she experienced several obstacles that must be overcome . Among other obstacles , in terms of design . Because according to him , the design of Balinese songket weaving is not always the same . In fact each of the product with other products , different motives .

For the idea of making their own , recognized Ketut bangs coming from a long tradition inherent in Bali . In other words , Bali has its own characteristics and motives in creating tenunnya songket .

For the price of material , Ketut Bangs admits it is a bit expensive . Songketnya woven fabric in a month can be made about 15 pieces . ” For the price of yarn per 50 kilogram ‘s just around Rp2 , 8 million . Then later on the thread that will be woven into a Balinese songket , ” he explained .

Price of each fabric is also different depending on the complexity of motifs and colors . Its range between Rp 5 million , Rp 8 million , even Rp10 million per fabric . The more complicated the more motives and mix color price will be more expensive too .

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Ketut Poni hopes, through this program , Balinese songket weaving can continue to be known by the public especially foreign domestic .

" So many fruits from Indonesia , especially Bali . How happy if what is produced it can be known abroad and become the pride of Indonesia , " he said proudly .


Save Your Vacation Costs This time

All night with office work ? Reward yourself with a vacation alone . Most of you probably will protest the high cost required for a vacation . But wait , why are many ways to save on your holiday costs this time . Do not believe ? Consider first the tips and you can specify your vacation spot from now .

The adage says ” Many roads lead to Rome ” or ” Where there’s a will, there is a way ” . Of course you desire to vacation must be preceded by concrete actions that save . Because the actual savings on vacation not that hard really. Do you know if the election on vacation , selecting the type of accommodation and reservations far in advance online can save significant costs of your holiday ?

1 . Find Alternative Hotels
The hotel stay was comfortable , but you’ll want to consider other types of lodging with similar benefits such as villas , motels , bed and breakfast or hostel . Usually each spot includes breakfast , free Wi - Fi , and airport transfers . These benefits would greatly save on your expenses , especially breakfast . In addition , also consider the lodging location away from the crowds . Select a place to stay in an area that is not very well known because the place is usually cheaper. There are so many places that can be tailored to your preferences and needs Hotelscombined .

2 . PilihlahTanggal the Flexible
Base price can vary based on the time you go . If you have a flexible schedule , choose a date that off - seasondan you can downsize than if you stay in high season that could fall on summer vacation ( usually mid -year ) or Eid holiday . In addition to cheaper, you can also avoid the density so that your trip will be more comfortable and enjoyable . For the European region , the off - current seasonbiasanya months from November to March , while Australia during the month of June to August . For domestic travel , try traveling between mid-January and April or during the fasting season . Other useful tips are usually the hotel will provide additional discounts for guests staying more than three nights .

3 . Finding References of Travel Others
If you doubt going somewhere , it is not difficult to look for his review of the people who have stayed there . You can look for his review at the best price comparison site like Hotelscombined . Such online sites usually have summarized up to 38 million customer reviews so you can easily read it . Each hotel has been rated on a scale of 1 to 10 user reviews of the results that have been summarized from the 1000 + major travel sites .

4 . Compare Prices
Prices at each site is different , although certainly done online . To get the best price , try to compare the inn that you want in a variety of different sites . Save your time searching and comparing with Hotelscombined sites which have been providing the best pricing information from a variety of existing sites . The site has partnered with hundreds of travel sites to showcase the best accommodation deals with just one click . This is to ensure that each user gets the best and efficient service .

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5 . See Special Offers on Your Smartphone
Especially for you who vacation alone , you can take advantage of your smartphone or tablet to get the lowest price . Use Hotelscombined application to search for it based on your current location . Hotelscombined offers over 800,000 hotels around the world with ease , you just need to download the iOS or Android app to get info cheapest hotel prices in real timekapan alone and anywhere.

Well , after reading all the above tips , there is no reason to postpone your vacation , right? Wait no more , immediately reward yourself investing pleasant memory .


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Open-aperture Problem Alien and UFO

Are aliens or extraterrestrials are real creatures ? Ask the former U.S. President , Bill Clinton . And surely he would not deny it to the death.

In a television talk show , Jimmy Kimmel ‘s late-night talk show on ABC , Clinton claimed , he would not ’ be surprised ’ if aliens exist . However , Hillary Clinton ‘s husband denied the allegations that the U.S. Government to save the bodies of aliens in Area 51 .

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To the host , Clinton admitted that he had ordered an investigation to find out if there are aliens detained at Area 51 , a U.S. Air Force installation in Nevada .

" First , I ordered a person to look into the data recording area 51 , ​​to ascertain whether there are aliens there , " Clinton said , as quoted by Al Arabiya , Saturday ( 05/04/2014 ) . " As a result , there was no alien . "

Area 51 became famous because of the secretive nature , including the matter of aircraft research conducted at the air base . Installing it also became an icon for the ’ fans ’ aliens after ’ Roswell incident - when a suspected UFO alien spacecraft supposedly crashed in the area surrounding the farm and stored in Area 51 in June or July 1947 .

A number of witnesses involved in the incident claimed alien bodies found at the crash site .

To answer the riddle , Clinton - in his second term as president - ordered his officers examined the area 51 . " One time ahead warning ROSSWELL incident , I requested documents related to the review, " he said . There was no evidence .

When the host , Kimmel asked whether Clinton will tell the people of the U.S. and will not secrecy , if there true alien , the former president replied : yes .

And although there is no valid evidence , Clinton did not dismiss the possibility of extraterrestrials beings . He told Kimmel that in the last 2 years , more than 20 planets outside our solar system - Similar Earth - was found . Potentially support life .

" More and makes it less likely that we are alone in this universe , " Clinton said , adding that he would not be surprised if we were visited by aliens someday .

U.S. President Seeing UFO

Clinton is not the only one . There are at least two U.S. presidents who believe there are other life forms outside earth . Both of them even claimed to have seen a UFO .

Former President Ronald Reagan claimed to have seen a UFO at an evening in 1974 from a Cessna plane . At that time he served as Governor of California .

Reagan is not alone in the plane . There are three others that pilot , Bill Paynter plane and two bodyguards .

When the plane approached Bakersfield , California , the passengers were surprised to see a strange object behind them - a distance of hundreds of meters .

" Shaped like a light , stable initially , a few moments later it seemed elongated light , then sped away , " said Paynter , pilot , testified .

" The UFO was moving in a normal speed , then turned into a fantastic speed . ‘s No way that ordinary aircraft , " he added .

The mysterious object went toward 45 degrees at high speed . Everyone on the plane was surprised . " Governor Reagan looked very surprised , I said to the passengers , to be honest , I do not know what it was , " said Paynter .

Ronald Reagan was accidentally told Norman C. Miller of the Wall Street Journal .

" I was on the plane last week , when I look out the window , there is a white light . Objects that move zig - zag , " says Reagan .

Reagan claimed asked the pilot his plane . The pilot said he did not know what it was . " I then asked him to follow him . We then follow that thing a few minutes , it was an incredible bright light . Bakersfield We followed up and were very surprised , suddenly it was gone and headed to the sky , " Reagan said at the time.

When off the plane , Reagan admitted telling what he saw on Nancy , his wife .

Meanwhile , Jimmy Carter, who served as president 1977 to 1981 claimed to see a UFO while in Leary , Georgia in 1969.

One afternoon in 1969, two years before becoming governor of Georgia , Carter prepared a speech at Lions Club event . At approximately 19:15 , one of the guests shouted and asked everyone to look towards the west .

There looks strange object about 30 degrees above the horizon . Carter said , the object was very bright , as bright as the Moon .

" At that time there were about 20 people standing outside . Suddenly there is such a bright light appeared in the western sky , the sun had just set, " said Carter , in 1973 , as published in Wikipedia pages .

" It looks increasingly bright light , then disappeared . Objects that do not look like objects , only a strange light . Neither of us know what it is , " said Carter .

source: http://news. liputan6 .com/

Really Advanced Satellite U.S. Can not Track MH370?

Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight search into the third week . The new findings reveal the presence of debris in the Indian Ocean that allegedly was part of the plane . However, there are no bright spots of some of these findings .

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The length of the missing plane search since Saturday ( 03/08/2014 ) invites a number of questions from the general public .

One is why the advanced satellite or spy satellites belonging to developed countries can not detect the presence of this aircraft ? Are not these satellites can be used to take pictures with a high resolution ?

According to News Scientist , there are currently 10 satellites that have the ability to take high-resolution photos . Most of satellites operated by the United States , Russia , and several European countries .

The satellite orbits the Earth about one and a half hours. “Each satellite may cover only a few percent of the Earth every day , ” said Jonathan McDowell , a scientist who works at the Harvard- Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics , in Cambridge , Massachusetts .

However , the satellite also has limitations , such as being in a period of treatment , the clouds that cover the search area , and satellites are also not taking photos every time .

In addition, the area is often photographed urban areas than ocean usually no interesting objects .

On the other hand , according to McDowell , spy satellites have a broader scope and can be used to take a photo with a higher resolution . The satellite also has a software called McDowell’s more sophisticated image processing which can identify the debris in the ocean , or even seen an explosion in the sky .

However , McDowell said that the spy satellites do not have a primary function to follow the movement of aircraft . Running orbit is also not widely known. However , if the agent has such data confidential , McDowell believed that they would provide information to the authorities .

All signals from MH370 examined

Looking flake plane ( if it falls ) in the extent of sea is not an easy matter . MH370 case reminds us of the tragedy of Air France flight number AF447 which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 . At that time , the team assigned to search for plane debris takes up to two years .

Several navigational aids and communications are now beginning to be examined in the data plane to track the whereabouts of the B777 - 200ER aircraft owned Malaysia Airlines , among which the transponder , ADS - B , and ACARS .

All aircraft is equipped with a radar transponder which transmits the location information and the identity of the aircraft. The information distributed through radio signals . However , once outside the range , the radar can not menjejakinya . So even with the signals emitted by the black box ( black box ) plane which only lasted for 30 days .

In addition to radar transponders , new navigational aids that are now popularly used is the ADS - B ( Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast ) . The signal transmits aircraft GPS information , complete with identity and altitude ranges .

ADS - B signals were used several plane - tracking applications , such as Flightradar24 ( FR24 ) . In fact , according to FR24 recognition , ADS - B signals MH370 was still within their reach a few moments before it disappeared .

Communication systems ACARS ( Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System ) data belonging MH370 also dissected . ACARS is used to report the in-flight system data via VHF radio or satellite . Rolls Royce , the engine manufacturer used by the B777 - 200ER Malaysia Airlines , reported that MH370 was sent ACARS reports in real time before it disappears . (see also: situs download lagu)

Transmitted signal can also be used as a black box search sources , but the signal is emitted after a clash lasted for 30 days . And , to search for the signal at the site of an extensive search is not easy .


Finding a Chinese presence in MH370 Terror

China did not find evidence of any of all 153 passengers on a flight from that country Malaysia Airlines related terror or piracy . Instead , they demanded Malaysia to focus on the search , rather than a polemic .

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China , said foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei , diligently searching for the plane on its own territory . ” In accordance with the request of Malaysia , we have deployed satellites and radar to search in the northern corridor within the territory of China , ” he told a news conference . ( read : Malaysian Media Call RI U.S. Help Hide MH370 )

Northern route runs in an arc from the Indian Ocean to the north to central Asia , China passed at the end of the West , including Xinjiang and Tibet . But Hong declined to give details of the search area .

Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia , Huang Huikang , said background checks on all passengers from mainland China who were on board flight number MH370 aircraft found no evidence they are related to piracy or terrorist attacks .

A criminal investigation has been launched , Huang said . ” An investigation into the cause of the incident is not fit to be done in a way that high-profile , ” he said .

This type of jet aircraft disappeared on March 8, with 239 people on board after taking off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing . The results of the investigation showed , deliberately diverted aircraft track.

Twenty- six nations are now helping to look for the plane after a military satellite and radar data projecting two major corridors that may be passed . South corridor covering the Indian Ocean to the southwest australia .

Hong said it deployed more than 10 ships to search for the presence of MH370 . China is also deploying some 21 aircraft and satellites to search .

The investigation has focused on the plane’s captain , copilot Zaharie Fariq Ahmad Shah and Abdul Hamid . The key question is to find out who was behind the controls when the plane veered off course about an hour flight.

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"The Malaysian government has done its best in the search and investigation , but did not have the experience and ability to handle this kind of incident , " Huang said , according to Xinhua .

source:http://www. tempo .co/