Lessons Eid

Eid is a part of the feast of Muslims around the world. And the feast of Eid is celebrated after Muslims perform Ramadan fasting for a whole month. And within and beyond gratitude for favors healthy and running fast and also have a full month will implement tithes before the Eid prayer, the many virtues of wisdom Idul Fitri for Muslims themselves.

When you hear the word Idul Fitri, certainly in the mind of every person that there is happiness and victory. Where on that day, all people feel excited and happy because it has been a month full of fasting.

In Eid is also marked by a tradition of going home (back home) that in fact only exist in Indonesia alone, and do not exist in any Muslim country in the world. Moreover, Eid is also often marked by almost 90% of them wear something new, from new clothes, new shoes, new bike, new cars and often forget about the very nature of the victory in the feast itself.

Lessons Eid

Understandably because most existing turnover during Lebaran. If it so, how exactly is the meaning of Eid al-Fitr itself. Is Idul Fitri fairly marked with something new, or going home to bersilaturrahim to relatives and relatives. And gathering Shawwal is so popular in our beloved country Indonesia.

Eid is also defined by a return to nature (initial occurrence). In a sense from that day onwards, we are all expected to return to nature. Where in the beginning, all men in a state recognizes that God is the only God. In today’s terms this is known as “Primordial Agreement” an agreement between man and God which contained confessions to God-nan.

Allaah says which means: “And (remember) when your Lord dispense descendants of the children of Adam from their loins and the testimony of the spirit of God took them (saying):” Am I not your Lord? “They replied:” Yes (thou our Lord), we are witnesses “. (we do that) so that on the day of Resurrection ye should say:” We (children of Adam) are the ones who guard down against this (oneness of God) “)”. (al-A’raf 7: 172).

Xiaomi Immediate Expansion into India

Xiaomi Immediate Expansion into India

Last April, Xiaomi announced that they would begin selling smartphones in 10 new markets this year, although it does not mention exactly when the plan is executed. But the latest news says Xiaomi almost ready to start operations in India, with the launch of an Indian website a few days ago and Hugo Barra, Vice President Xiaomi it, let the world know about it via Google.

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For now, the website does not contain a lot of things, but there is a tag line “incredible journey.” It is certain that the website created with the new domain Mi.com, Xiaomi purchased for 3.6 million dollars.

Not to mention what was planned Xiaomi handset to be offered in India. However, both are expected to sell cheap smartphones (like Hongmi or Redmi Note), and the more expensive models (like Mi3, or Mi3S).

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Xiaomi has been very successful in the country of China (the world’s largest smartphone market). But we’ll see if Xiaomi also managed to conquer India which is the second largest mobile market in the world.


Internet users in Indonesia Grows with Cheap Smartphone

Internet users in Indonesia Grows with Cheap Smartphone

JAKARTA - According to data from MediaCell revealed earlier this year , smartphone sales in Indonesia will reach 46 million units in 2014. Of 46 million units , approximately 22.9 million units of smartphones are sold to consumers that the new switch from a feature phone .

Of the total number of mobile phone users in the country , there are some who are still using a smartphone or feature phone . ” Nearly 30 percent of smartphone users , this year (up ) 35 percent , ” said Ina Hutasoit , Chairman of the Mobile Association of Indonesia ( APSI ) to Okezone , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

While feature phone , according to Ina , these devices generally are not used to access the internet , but SMS and phone . He said that most smartphones are currently selling below the price of Rp2 million . Most of the best-selling smartphone that runs on the Android operating system .

Asked whether the rapid growth of the smartphone indicates that the level of Indonesian society ‘s economy has improved , he said that it has no connection .

According to him , the smartphone becomes a major necessity in addition to food , clothing and shelter . The rapid growth of the smartphone into a phenomenon that can not be avoided , because people need information and is also used for accessing the internet .

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Ina recognizes that the rapid growth in smartphone usage is also contributing to the number of Internet users in Indonesia . Not only that , cheap internet access offered by the operators also further increase in mobile internet usage .


Jokowi: I This Dude Similar Harlino

Joko Widodo presidential candidate feels like a soap opera actress Dude Herlino . Candaannya was ejected in his speech in the National Working Meeting ( Conggress ) II Nasdem Party at Ancol , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

" Many say I am skinny . Plebeian my face , rustic . Was right when again in the villages . When viewed , it is similar Dude I Harlino . Try it in -shoot , " he said to laughter National Workshop participants .

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Jokowi when the announcement was made at the invitation of one of the party’s supporters , Nasdem , to advance in the upcoming presidential election .

In addition to Joko Widodo and his vice presidential candidate , Jusuf Kalla , also present in Conggress PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar , Chairman Hanura Wiranto , Sutiyoso PKPI Chairman , and Chairman of the PDI-P’s Megawati Sukarnoputri .

In his speech , Jokowi also reintroduce his new uniform with his running mate , Jusuf Kalla . Jokowi using a plaid shirt and a white shirt JK use .

" Initially we used white - white , er that there are also white . Myself and Mr. JK try plaid , I matched , Mr. JK look youthful , " said Jokowi .

Because of that , he and the team finally decided differently . Jokowi said , plaid shows a young , inexperienced white while .


Currently StuNed already Scholarship Open To Fresh Graduated

Good news for fresh graduates who are looking for scholarships for StuNed ( Studeren in Nederland ) is open to those who do not have work experience .

The new policy is different from the previous which gives priority to those who already have work experience .

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" We opened up opportunities for fresh graduated who have a good track record of achievement . Those who we think is best to get a scholarship worth considering , " said Indy Hardono , Scholarship Coordinator Tim Nuffic Neso Indonesia , at the Nuffic Neso House , Sentosa Cove , Subroto Street Gatut , Jakarta , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

According to him , a fresh graduate scholarship recipients must be a superior personal and potentially promising .

"The thing that we consider the need to have both academic achievement and non-academic . Have leadership , active in organizations both within and outside the campus , achievement inside and outside the country , " he continued .

Indy added factor of “excellent ” owned by the applicant can be considered for a scholarship awarded to a master study of the windmill .

" Opportunities are open for fresh graduates . They can compete with applicants who already have work experience , " he concluded .

This year , Nuffic Neso openly selecting fresh graduate applicant’s application . From thousands of applicants , two fresh graduates , namely Eric and Kinnata , escaped . Both were accepted at the Univeristy Tilburg in the Netherlands .

Eric is a graduate of the University Law Tarumanegara S1 opportunity to take master degree in International Business . While focusing on the master Kinnata finance after completing his degree in Economics in February 2014 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia .

Nuffic Neso Indonesia hope in the future more and more fresh graduates who will excel involved to apply StuNed . This year Nuffic Neso Indonesia sent 115 recipients StuNed to the Netherlands .


Revealed, Price Smartwatch Motorola

On Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) yesterday , Motorola held a competition called ” Moto 360 ” , in which participants submit their own designs smartwatch design drawings to win prizes smart watches Moto 360 from Motorola .

Well , as reported by BGR , Motorola apparently accidentally leaked the price of the device based smart watches Wear the Android OS in the description of the contest rules is concerned .

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From here it is known that Motorola intends membanderol Moto 360 for 250 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 2.9 million in the United States.

That figure is consistent with other leaks from the French , which states that the motor 360 will be rewarded 249 euros in European markets .

Motorola also said that the winners will be announced on June 24 . There is only one unit of Moto 360 is used as the main prize for the winner . Nine other winners will get credit Google Play Store for 50 dollars .

The winner announcement also seems to indicate the official launch of the Moto 360 by the end of next month .

On June 25 , Google will hold a conference Google I / O is predicted to be a two- stage introduction of smart watches from Motorola and LG .


Taxi driver Perform Demo Back in Ancol

Hundreds of taxi drivers rallied back related new rules regarding retribusiyang imposed on taxi drivers who get into Taman Impian Jaya Ancol .

" This is our fifth demo and our demands are still the same . Yet to date tidak.ada good faith on the part of Ancol , " said Rudi Hartono , coordinator of the Jakarta Transportation Front ( Front Jak ) , in front of the western entrance Ancol , Wednesday ( 21 / 5/2014 ) .

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Observation Kompas.com , the taxi drivers are blocking the entrance west and east Ancol . They carried banners reading “Erase entrance fee of Rp 20,000 for an empty taxi that goes Ancol , Ancol entrance kosonh cab not for recreation but bring out visitors ” .

The action causes the visitors could not get through the door . Demonstrations also had heated up when the Ancol employees feel disturbed by the protests of the taxi drivers do .

" We feel disturbed by them . Visitors enter so baseball can go make our income is reduced , " said one of the employees .

Corporate Communications Manager Meanwhile PT Ancol Dream Park , Meity Harahap , said the fact the Ancol accept with open arms the taxi drivers who want to cooperate with it .

" If they want to work together to put forward proposals and presentations , we also want the best right to the Ancol visitors , " said Meity .


Abu Hamza guilty of Terror

Radical cleric Abu Hamza was found guilty of supporting terrorism by a court in New York . He is accused of conspiring to help a variety of organizations such as Al - Qaeda .

Attorney Preet Bharara said , “The defendant was convicted , not because of what it says , but for what he did . “

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Prosecutors said in 1998 , Abu Hamza - who was born with the name Mustafa Kamel Mustafa - manages communications via satellite for a group of kidnappers in Yemen . This group carried out the attack that killed four hostages .

In 1999-2000, Hamza and several colleagues founded the Al Qaeda training camp in Bly , Oregon .

Praise the 11 September hijackers

The jury of eight men and women in New York unanimously said Hamza was found guilty of 11 counts of acts of terrorism . 56 -year -old man , who was extradited from the United Kingdom in 2012 , rejected all accusations .

The cleric became famous in Britain for his fiery speeches outside Finsbury Park mosque , London . He once praised the hijackers in the September 11 attacks the United States .

Hamza was extradited after being held for seven years in the UK due to trigger murder and racial hatred .


Palace: Meet SBY, Jokowi So Candidates Will Ask Permission

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo aka Jokowi will meet with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) afternoon . Jokowi will ask for permission to the President to move forward in the upcoming presidential election . This was conveyed by Presidential Spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha in the Presidential complex , Jakarta .

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" Mr. Jokowi come asking his permission for local office who will go forward as a presidential candidate , " said Julian .

Julian explained , the Act No. 42 Year 2008 on the Election of the President mentioned that the head of the area to be developed as a candidate for president or vice president must apply for permission to the President .

" It sounds legislation . No word shall resign , but ask permission president . So I did not talk to Mr. Jokowi resign as head of the region , " he added .

Last week , Jokowi also expressed his desire to meet with Yudhoyono to discuss his leave as governor for the presidential election campaign . Based on Government Regulation No. 18 Year 2013 , Jokowi leave shall submit to the President of the Home Minister with a copy within 12 days before enrollment into the General Election Commission ( KPU ) .

The regulation reinforced the Minister of Home Affairs Number 13 of 2009 , namely ” Regional Head nominated by a political party or coalition of political parties as a candidate for president or vice president must apply for permission to the president . “

Some time ago SBY says it wants to communicate with the Chairman of the PDI-P’s Megawati Sukarnoputri . However , until now , has not been welcomed Megawati SBY ‘s wishes . Internal information of the Democratic Party said that Jokowi was one intermediary between SBY and Megawati . Jokowi addition , the President also opened communication with Megawati through the Secretary General of the PDI-P’s Tjahjo Kumolo .


Looking for old phone in Online Retail

More than a decade ago , when smart phones have not appeared , Nokia dominated the mobile world with jadulnya .

Remember the Nokia 3310 ? Yes , maybe some of you have made ​​the Nokia 3310 phone as a cult . How not , 14 years ago, the 3310 series became a million people with mobile phones used 126 million worldwide .

Not to mention the Nokia 8910 , Nokia series is the thinnest and lightest Nokia issued . Not to mention the Nokia 7110 , which is known as the banana phone because of its shape . The phones also became the idol of his day .

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But now , the phone practically everlasting . When the era of smart phones , mobile phone types that have been lost in the market and are rarely found in the ranks of phones in stores , which are now beginning to change with Android phones , iOS and Windows Phone

If you feel like to reminisce with the phone , do not be discouraged . In fact the various series of Nokia phones that are still on display at the stall line .

Phone Arena launch , Friday, May 2, 2014 , the Nokia 3310 mobile phone is sold by the online retailer with an updated form . Series 3310 priced at U.S. $ 20 or equivalent Rp230 thousand less than that price .

The Nokia 8210 is also priced the same as 3310 , just U.S. $ 20 , you can bring home to the first mobile phone to have a nostalgic moment .

While the Nokia 7110 , the first mobile phone with a WAP browser in the world , can also be found on online retail . This series is priced at U.S. $ 40 equivalent Rp460 thousand . While the Nokia 1100 series priced at U.S. $ 13 equivalent of 150 thousand .

Do not be mistaken . In online retail is also not only provide old school Nokia phone . Some old school phones are also still available . For example, the Motorola RAZR V3 is priced less than U.S. $ 20 equivalent Rp230 thousand , available in various colors . There is also the Motorola V70 with distinctive design twist , priced at U.S. $ 40 equivalent Rp460 thousand . Of Sony products , there is the Sony K750 , mobile phone with 2 MP rear camera with auto focus , valued U.S. $ 30 equivalent Rp345 thousand .