Currency exchange rate at Mandiri , BRI , BNI and BCA

JAKARTA - Dollar on the trade of non - delivery forward ( NDF ) opened down 31 points to Rp11.542 per USD . This morning , moving in the range of Euro Rp11.496 - Rp11.548 per USD .

Following the rupiah in some big banks against some major currencies like the U.S. dollar ( USD ) , Singapore dollar ( SGD ) , and the Japanese yen ( JPY ) :

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PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) at 8:36 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.433 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.597 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp9.041 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.290 Singapore .
Japanese Yen , the buying rate of Rp110 , 28 per yen , and selling rates for Rp114 , 13 per yen .

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BBRI ) at 09.30 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.560 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.760 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp9.167 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.391 Singapore .
Japanese Yen with the buying Rp111 , 63 per yen , and selling rates for Rp116 , 59 per yen .

PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BBNI ) at 9:12 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.500 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.700 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp8.933 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.533 Singapore .
Japanese Yen , the buying rate of Rp110 , 26 per yen , and selling rates of Rp.115 , 76 per yen .

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk ( BBCA ) at 9:24 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.600 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.650 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp9.228 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.278 Singapore .
Japanese Yen with the buying Rp111 , 88 per yen , and selling rates for Rp114 , 88 per yen .


Divide action Semarang Regent Rice Recordable Camera

Some interesting facts revealed in the trial of the accused is none other Mundjirin Regent of Semarang in the District Court ( PN ) Semarang regency , on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

The witness , whom Senah , rice traders Bandarjo market , remains the BAP held that the defendant bought 50 kilograms of rice which he boxed in red plastic bags kilogram size . Meanwhile , Mundjirin denied the request and buy 50 kilograms of rice at a time .

" I did not say buy 50 kilograms of rice , but buy two packs , two kilogram . Plastics have taken the first torn ( citizen ) , the latter also . Then wrapped rice without weighed , immediately ’ diciduki ’ disposable bailer . Ultimately entirely witnesses say 50 kilograms . Lho kok much . I immediately pay , " said Mundjirin .

Another witness , field supervisors ( PPL ) Panwascam Unggaran West , Rini Kadarwati , states could record the action distribution of rice using a mobile phone . In the recording , there is a demand from citizens to vote Mundjirin the PDI - P in the legislative election ( Pileg ) 2014.

" All I heard was the phrase , ’ gosh anaesthetized ( do not forget ) April 9, white muzzle ’ because at that time the condition is a lot of people , and my central concentration record . But there are details in the recording , " said Rini .

Testimony of witnesses is consistent with the public prosecutor note stating defendant Mundjirin as PDI - P campaigner violated Article 301 in conjunction with Article 89 paragraph 1 letter C of Law No. 8 of 2012 on the Election of Members of the DPR , DPD and DPRD .

" On that occasion ( the distribution of rice ) , the defendant invites residents to choose the PDI - P . Forgiveness anaesthetized , April 9, choose number 4 , white muzzle , president Jokowi , " said Public Prosecutor ( Prosecutor) Sri Heriyono .

According to the Public Relations representative PN Semarang district , Budi Prayitno , hearing cases of alleged money politics is alleged to Semarang Regent Mundjirin in his capacity as PDI - P campaigner , on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , scheduled inspection of the defendant .

" Examination of the defendant , Mas . If the prosecutor is ready , continued demand , " said Budi , contacted by telephone , this morning .

Initial trial prisoners Mundjirin as cases of money politics , yesterday , led by Judge Dedeh Suryanto , with judges and Budi Hartanto Koni Prayitno . Agenda of the session was the reading of the indictment by the public prosecutor Prosecutor ‘s Day Murti , Sri Heriyono , and Dwi Endah .

Following the lack of response to a prosecutor’s indictment of the defendant or defense counsel team , then the trial immediately followed by examination of 14 witnesses testimony .

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The witnesses , apart from among the residents , is Chairman of the Supervisory Committee and the Semarang District Agus Riyanto Panwascam devices Unggaran West . Meanwhile , the organizers of the campaign , the PDI - P board is present , the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the PDI - P Semarang District , Bambang Kusriyanto and Heri Beno .


IHSG Fight Back to 4900 Levels

Movement Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) back under pressure . Rampant selling still makes JCI fell 0.4 points to 4891.81 thin .

JCI opened with 24 stocks rose , 12 stocks fell, and 9 stagnant stock . Opening trading this morning , there has been a transaction of Rp17 , 06 billion from 4.598 million shares traded .

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LQ45 index fell 0.33 points to 829.02 , the Jakarta Islamic Index ( JII ) fell 0.10 points to 663.42 , and MNC36 index rose 0.14 points, or 0.1 percent, to 250.04 .

JCI mover sectors moving in either direction , with the plantation sector , basic industries , finance , manufacturing , and various industries weakened . While the consumption sector , infrastructure , mining , property and commerce was still in the green zone .

Meanwhile in Asia , the Nikkei rose 57.35 points, or 0.40 percent, to 14569.73 , the Hang Seng index rose 17.42 points to 22777.66 , the Straits Times Index rose 0.40 percent to 3268.70 .

The stocks included in the ranks of top gainers , among others, PT Gudang Garam Tbk ( GGRM ) rose Rp500 to Rp51.100 , PT Mitra Adi Perkasa Tbk ( MAPI ) rose Rp150 to Rp6.400 , and PT Siloam International Hospital Tbk ( SILO ) rose Rp100 to Rp10.800 .

While the stocks that are in the ranks of top losers , among others, PT Indocement Tunggal Prakasa Tbk ( INTP ) down Rp225 be Rp22.775 , PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk ( AALI ) down Rp175 be Rp27.825 , and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk ( BBCA ) down Rp175 be Rp11.000 .


PAN: Timing Islamic-Nationalist Party Unity

The high estimate accumulation of votes Muslim-based parties in the legislative elections are considered to be of capital importance to be able to promote its own candidate in the presidential election of 2014.

Estimates of the vote was called a momentum that can not be released if the reason it carries its own candidate pairs are won election to leadership mandate .

" Obtaining a high voice , the highest since 1999 , it should be a momentum . Why do we gather baseball , talk about anything , " said Deputy DPP Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) Dradjad Hari Wibowo , the political discussion in Cikini , Jakarta , Saturday ( 19 / 4/2014 ) .

Dradjat said considerations about the momentum to be one driver of all representatives of Muslim-based parties in Cikini held a closed meeting on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) night .

According to Dradjad , the meeting was aimed at responding to the aspirations of Islamic mass -based parties that Islam brings its own candidate in the 2014 presidential election .

The entire Muslim-based parties requested unite , join the nationalist parties to build coalitions in order to create a solid leadership .

Drajad plurality believes Indonesia will not be able to be managed by a certain group. ” Indonesia is like a long mat with a variety of colors . Coalition of Islamic parties and the nationalist tremendous impact , like a snowball , and can reduce the number of non-voters , ” he said .

On Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ), the Advisory Council Chairman Amien Rais of PAN issued a proposal to form a coalition Indonesia Raya . Coalition was initiated to enhance the central axis coalition , a coalition formed after the 1999 elections .

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Amien Indonesia Raya coalition hopes to hold as many political parties contesting the election . Dradjad said , there are four parties that currently have communicated associated intense coalition Indonesia Raya but he did not want to mention the four parties that he meant it .


Looked Trends Ghosts Living Together in Japan

In Japan, a place to stay that is used as the location of a suicide, homicide or anything that causes a person’s death is often considered unlucky. I wonder if the house or apartment that previously used as a murder-suicide location does not have many takers.

Residence was sold in a cheap price and is referred to as “death rooms” and are usually popular among residents as a haunted house. In Japanese, the house was called “jiko bukken” or ambiguous phrase similar to “Jinshin jiko”, given to people who commit suicide.
Therefore, no matter how good, and as fancy as any of the apartments or houses. Nobody will be interested in buying. They believe that living in the apartments will only cause a variety of weird and bizarre events.

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Japan Society also believes that living in that apartment, inviting feeling unhappy at his new occupants.

Even so, the stigma is now no longer seem to apply. Moreover, given the ever increasing price of property and residence at a bargain price a top priority than scary story behind it.

As did the man named Yamada. The 40-year-old man living in a one bedroom apartment which is located in downtown Tokyo and more than 20 years old. There was no cheap apartments in the center of Tokyo, but Yamada managed to rent the apartment only to ¥ 40,000 or about Rp 4, 4 million. About half of the local price.

The apartments are rented at a low price, because the previous tenants were found dead due to an illness. Yamada only realized after he meets the legal requirements in Japan that require real estate agents to disclose any death that occurs in rental properties.

According to Morita, a lawyer who specializes in real estate, there is a legal obligation to notify tenants or buyers 5 to 7 years after the accident. Not just tell that the previous tenant died. But, also the date of death, age, gender, date of incident body was found and what was going on.


Passenger rail Tenders Still, Bekasi Station Paralyzed

Until 11:45 , the conditions in Bekasi Station is still paralyzed . Passengers are still blocking the railway line so that no incoming or outgoing .

Passengers Commuterline majors Jakarta - Bekasi City Station train hold outside of Java will be leaving in lane 4 . When the train drivers have already started the engine , dozens of passengers went down and sat on the rail to be crossed by the train outside of Java .

" Let them feel what we feel every day . Stuck and the train is always late because train Java . This time we cover the train was to leave , " said one passenger KRL , Ridho , Bekasi Station , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Java is not only hindered by train passengers . Trains Commuterline majors Jakarta - City that currently exists in Bekasi Station Line 3 is also forbidden to leave . Currently , there are no train activity that occur in Bekasi Station . No train is entering the station and arrived in Bekasi Station .

According Ridho , detention is also made ​​to wait for the PT KAI Edi Suryanto who was on his way Bekasi Station . Edi Suryanto awaited by the passengers who demanded to discuss with KAI . Before Eddie arrived , KRL passengers refused to give up the whole train to go off track .

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Previously reported , KRL passengers jursan Jakarta - City to rally to the Station Supervisor . This is done as a form of pique they will train often too late . This demo takes place from Thursday morning .


Chaotic regrets Hasyim PPP

Former Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) , KH Hasyim , deplored the chaotic body in the United Development Party ( PPP ), which occurred just before the national leadership succession .

" In fact , I dreamed of the Islamic -based parties can unite in the upcoming presidential election . Wish PKB , PPP , and MCC could carry his own vice - presidential partner . , But , in reality there are still many problems , " he said in Jakarta on Tuesday .

As a person who had been active in the PPP , namely the period 1973-1986 , suggesting politician Hashim party bearing the Kaaba restraint and resolve internal problems after the presidential election is over .

" If it’s going ’ cold ’ with macro interests outside the PPP . Fact , the ’ Islamophobia ’ is also going to laugh , " he said .
Hashim added every crisis in political parties or political practice is always vulnerable to money and transactional politics .

" It could destroy the PPP itself in the long run , even if its leaders took turns , " he said .

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Crisis in the PPP triggered discontent over the outcome of the party committee in the legislative election . PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali is regarded as the cause of the failure of the PPP to reach the target set Yag , because it is present and participated in the campaign speeches Gerindra at the Bung Karno ( GBK ) .


While Mozilla Announces CEO Brendan Eich Substitute

Enterprise software maker Internet browser , Mozilla has finally announced his new boss . Mozilla Chris Beard has been appointed as the interim CEO who will lead the company .

Name of Beard as interim CEO of Mozilla officially announced by the company on Monday, April 14, 2014 local time . Beard himself was not the stranger in the Mozilla environment .

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Quoted Tekno team Mashable , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) , Beard worked at Mozilla since from 2004 until mid-2013 . He had led the product management team to finally fill the position of chief marketing officer ( CMO ) in the period the .

Mozilla CEO of an election only a week later than the resignation of the previous Brendan Eich became captain in company headquartered in Mountain View , California .

Brendan resign because of criticism emerging from within and outside the company . The criticism came as Eich support the anti - same-sex marriage in California to be one of the major donors .

Mozilla claimed not to intervene or encourage Eich to come down from the post of CEO at Mozilla . It simply calls the browser makers , Eich resignation is a voluntary personal decision taken.


Kaskus Security Patch Bleed Heart Attack let-Free

Kaskus in the list of Internet services that are vulnerable to cyber attacks Heartbleed, potentially stealing user passwords and personal information. Kaskus claims to have patched the security hole in order to be free from attack Heartbleed services.

Founder and Chief Community Officer of Kaskus, Andrew Dervish said he did repairs after receiving a report from a team of programmers and users that there is a security hole on its website Heartbleed Kaskus protocol that utilizes OpenSSL to encrypt user data.

On 10 April 2014, Kaskus user with account “minimiza,” send an email to Kaskus to prove how with the help of a script that is not responsible to hijack or steal other user accounts Kaskus.

"Account ‘minimiza’ was reported so we immediately patch. Heartbleed It also bugs and we have SSL patch and Kasksus is secure. We thank the ‘minimiza’ who cares about Kaskus Kaskus and millions of other users of Heartbleed attack," said Andrew when contacted KompasTekno.

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Nevertheless, he still appealed Kaskus users and users of other Internet services to change the password (password) for a service account. Because, according to Andrew, this bug Heartbleed global nature and all the web sites that utilize OpenSSL will be vulnerable to security holes.
Findings Heartbleed

Heartbleed found after a team of computer security researchers at the University of Michigan, U.S., using an open source network scanner called ZMap. ZMap developed at the University of Michigan by Assistant Professor J Alex Halderman and graduate students of computer science, Zakir Durumeric and Eric Wusterow.
Zmap useful for searching the Internet servers are susceptible to Heartbleed potentially be used to steal usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other important information.

By exploiting loopholes Heartbleed on OpenSSL, hackers can steal information, although a website or service providers already do encryption (marked with a “padlock” and the prefix “https:” in the URL).
This security hole discovered in OpenSSL, an open-source security protocol used to encrypt sensitive information via the function of SSL (secure sockets layer) in many Internet-based services.

Heartbleed impact on all web sites and services that are running OpenSSL 1.0.1 to version 1.01F. Versions of OpenSSL are vulnerable are already widely used since May 2012.

That is, for two years, this gap has been circulating undetected in all the service providers that use OpenSSL encryption, ranging from applications, web site internet, to banking institutions.

The problem becomes large because OpenSSL is used by 66 percent of all Internet web parts to encrypt the data so that the security hole was widespread.
Most of the affected service name Heartbleed can be seen in a list created on 8 April 2014. Since the list was published, some service providers, such as Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Tumblr, and Dropbox, has distributed a patch to patch the vulnerabilities that exist.


Search narrowed zone MH370

PERTH - Officials Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight searches from Australia has divided the two smaller sections of the plane search zone .

This narrowed the search for sonobuoy previously been detected where the possibility of the last days of the black box signals can be detected . Similarly, as reported by The Guardian , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

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Zone search missing plane , believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean and killed all passengers . The search locations were at approximately 57,506 kilometers ( km ) square .

However, a smaller search area using sonobuoys to detect the plane’s black box signals have been halved to 48 km from 600 sq km to 340 sq km on Sunday.

Black box signals usually can last approximately 30 days , and the search is now closer to 40 sq. km. Local officials still insist that they can pick up the signal further , after the discovery of four signals at the beginning of last week and the other two separate signals by ships Ocean Shield .

A fifth signal was also detected later in the span of a week , but on further analysis is not submitted that the signals coming from the black box .